Wednesday, 14 November 2012

You Have Mail! - Message from Yvette

Well isn't that splendid, Yvette took the trouble to drop me a line, so nice.

We're friends, me and Yvette, she e-mails me now and again so this advice is in the spirit of constructive criticism. The e-mail is very poorly laid out and is neither broken up or highlighted in key sections.

It makes it very hard to read and I suspect the disinterested of us will have hit the junk key by the time the link is read.

Subjected as "Will you join the fight to keep our streets safe?" - it has a hint of vigilantism to it, a knee-jerk response to those horrendous Home Office ads of fear and panic maybe?
Above the usual Labour rhetoric, I like how they push their Supporters Network. This is very important given that voters are demanding more flexibility in their politics and the belief that if no perceived loyalty is felt by the public, why should parties come to expect it!

We should look to a similar supporter base, a friends list if you will. They can support specific campaigns like Fairer Tax but should also be able to be supporters of the party as a whole. I believe this should be free, or at the most 99p and then a mixture of donations, monthly magazine and local events can build up the extra monies.

Remember, party memberships will continue to decline but that doesn't mean supporters have to. Labour have cottoned onto this and now we have to too!


Tomorrow, Thursday 15 November, millions of people will go to the polls across England and Wales to vote. I’m asking you to join them, to go out and vote on Thursday, and send a message to this Tory-led Government.

The message is clear: that the Government can’t get away with cutting at least 15,000 police officers, or cutting spending on community safety by 60%.

Will you join those who have been signing up to the Labour Supporters Network to back our message that we won’t stand for police cuts that go too far too fast and put community safety at risk?

That we won’t accept Tory plans for massive private contracts for important public policing including neighbourhood patrols, even after the G4S Olympic debacle this summer.

Labour candidates are campaigning across the country on the issues that matter to local people including neighbourhood policing, anti-social behaviour, tackling domestic violence, and staying tough on crime and its causes too. And our candidates have signed strong pledges to protect the operational independence of the police because the long tradition of impartial British policing must be maintained.

Labour didn't support the policy of Police and Crime Commissioners in Parliament and we believe reforms will be needed in future. But right now as the Government has introduced them we believe policing is too important to turn our backs when a lot is at stake in these elections.

We want as many people as possible to come out and vote for Labour candidates who will protect communities and fight crime so that we can send a message to David Cameron about his cuts to the police.

You can tell him enough is enough by voting Labour on Thursday, and by joining the Labour Supporters Network (it’s free) at, or even becoming a member.

If there isn’t an election near you, you can still help by sharing this email with friends and relatives who can vote on Thursday.

And you can follow me on Twitter @yvettecoopermp to keep up with the national campaign against police cuts.

Thank you.

Yvette Cooper 

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