Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Federal Committee Elections 2012 - Manifesto Booklets

After a request from a friend, I have uploaded all the Manifesto Booklets from the recent Federal Committee Elections.

When I first started thinking about standing, I looked online to see what past manifestos looked like, only to find nothing available. No one I contacted seemed to have kept copies, online or offline and it left me with a bit of a blank page as to what 'needed' to go within the margins of my A5 sheet of paper.

I hope these uploaded booklets will be useful to future candidates, easpecially those people who will be new to the elections and just need a few pointers in what has gone out to member in the past.

Have a look through, I find it interesting the variety of styles used this year and the differing levels of information included. Something for people to ponder on...


  1. You should have known where to ask. I have the last 4 sets of books available.

    1. I'll know where to go next time then ;) - If you feel like uploading your library as well, that would be good. Useful to have an online resource.

    2. May have to redact some of my notes on certain pages ;-)